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Walther von der Vogelweide – ein Wanderleben / a life of wandering

Welcome to our new Blog!

Here you will learn about an exciting new venture. A collaboration of three musicians to revive the art of the most famous Minnesinger of the Middle Ages.

Ich saz ûf eime steine und dahte bein mit beine…

I sat on a stone and crossed one leg over the other…

Joel Frederiksen

Joel Frederiksen walking in Munich with a lute in the case.
Photo: Thomas Zwillinger

Joel Frederiksen is an American singer and lutenist living in Munich, Germany.

Marc Lewon

Dr Marc Lewon is German, lives near Basel in Grenzach/Wyhlen, and plays gittern, citole, and fiddle.

Baptiste Romain

Baptiste Romain is French, lives in Basel, and plays fiddle, rubeba, stringed lyre, and bagpipes.

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Latest from the Blog

Wasserschloss Inzlingen, near Basel

Our first rehearsals in March 2021 were inspiring! So good to make music (testing for Corona each day) and to work creatively. Planning our first concert for September 26th of this year in Munich’s beautiful Allerheiligen Hofkirche (All Saints Court Church). The recording, with the Bavarian Radio, will take place in early 2022.

Walther’s Wanderers

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch “Klangwert – Ensemble-Förderung der Aventis Foundation”

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